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All the movies in July will be dedicated to the topic “ Independence Day”

July 6, 2016: “Independence Day: The History of July 4th” (50 min)

Throughout America, the 4th of July is a summer celebration of beaches barbecues and the birth of the nation where parades march down Main Street and the night sky lights up with stunning fireworks displays. But how did these traditions begin? From the Continental Congress to the explosions that light up the skies nationwide THE HISTORY CHANNEL-® presents an affectionate look at Independence Day. Journey back to the very first celebration-in Philadelphia on July 8 1776-when the Declaration of Independence was read aloud to the citizens and the city bells rang in a proclamation of freedom. Though these humble beginnings would eventually become the all-out festival of today Independence Day-fascinatingly enough-wasn’t legally declared a holiday until 1941! This entertaining and illuminating presentation also includes footage of 4th of July parades and fireworks nationwide capturing the ways America commemorates its freedom.

July 13, 2016: “Just the Facts: U.S. History” (60 min)

Reconstruction in United States history, refers both to the period after the Civil War when the States of the breakaway Confederacy were reintegrated into the United States of America, and to the process by which this was accomplished. Northern moderates and radicals alike agreed that for the war to be declared a victory, three points had to be achieved: the Confederacy had to be truly dead, slavery had to be truly dead, and the possibility of either being revived had to be eliminated. How to achieve these three goals and who would decide when they were achieved, caused great controversy. This program presents each side of the controversy and how the goals to achieve reconstruction were outlines and achieved.

July 20, 2016: “History Classics: Great Monuments Of America (Part 1: The Brooklyn Bridge and the Hoover Dam)

July 27, 2016: “History Classics: Great Monuments Of America (Part 2: The Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty)

Each monument represents the utmost in engineering, design and vision. They all stand as mighty symbols of American ingenuity, courage and sacrifice. Find out how these famous structures came to be, who conceived of them, whose sweat built them, and who dismissed them as fantasy. Find out (…) why skeptics thought the Brooklyn Bridge wouldn’t survive the first gale etc.

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  • July 8, 2016: “The BioD Project: Mitigating the Environmental Degradation Through the Dissemination and Use of New Cooking Energy Material” by Ravaka Rasehenoarizaka, Madagascar Bio Digester Business Lead
  • July 15, 2016: Christophe Noualhat, Community Mobilisation and Networking Adviser/ UNAIDS Indian Ocean Countries Office, TBD
  • July 22, 2016: Available
  • July 29, 2016: “Group Advising Session” by EducationUSA Adviser Fidimalala Raharijaona

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