How to Apply

Complete DS-160 Form Online Now AND print confirmation page with a barcode.

Important Information and Tips

  • Access times out after 20 minutes, so save a copy frequently to your computer.  If your DS-160 form times out, you will need to return to the beginning of the DS-160 form, click the “retrieve incomplete information” button and use your Application ID to retrieve your application
  • Choose the correct purpose of travel. Review the options under “Other.”
  • You must upload a digital photo to successfully complete the DS-160 application. If after uploading the photo you get a message saying that the uploaded photo does not meet the requirements, just click on ‘CONTINUE WITHOUT PHOTO’. However, on the day of your interview make sure to bring a photo that meets the requirements explained below.
  • Please read the instructions carefully and answer every question thoroughly. Incomplete application may delay your visa processing.

Photograph Instructions

Provide one color photograph (NOT OLDER THAN 6 MONTHS), front view, 5 cm x 5 cm, with a white background.  See photo requirements.

To book your appointment, you will need the barcode number from your DS-160.

Click on this link:

You must print and bring your Appointment Confirmation page to your interview. Each visa applicant must have his/her own appointment. If you are applying as a family, each applying member must have an appointment.

To change/cancel an appointment, log-in to your account with your name and the ID number that was generated by the system when you made your appointment.

IMPORTANT: To prevent multiple bookings by the same person, the Embassy/Consulate reserves the right to cancel any appointments which do not appear to be valid reservations. Please spell your name correctly. Multiple name spellings with the same or similar passport numbers may be subject to cancellation.

Once you have fully completed all of the steps above, you may come to the Consular Section of the Embassy by your appointment time on the day of your interview.  If you arrive more than an hour after your scheduled appointment time, you will not be interviewed, and will need to take another appointment.

When you enter the Consular waiting room, you will have to take a number and to sit down. When your number is called, you will present your passport and documents at Window 1 or 2. After documents are accepted and screened, you will be instructed to proceed the payment of the visa fee. After you pay your fee, you will wait in line in the order you arrived.  You will be called at window 2 where your fingerprints will be taken electronically. You will be interviewed personally by a commissioned U.S. Consular Officer.  The interview is your opportunity to explain to the officer your travel plans, your ties and your personal circumstances in your home country in an honest and forthright manner.

NOTE: Adults must qualify on their individual merits. No friend, relative, or business associate can “guarantee” your return on your behalf. A letter of invitation promising to pay the expenses of your trip does not mean that you will receive a visa. Presentation of documents does not guarantee visa issuance.

At the conclusion of your interview, the Consular Officer will determine if you qualify under the provisions of US law to receive a non-immigrant visa.

  • Additional Administrative Processing: Some applicants who are otherwise qualified will not receive their visa the next day because of additional administrative processing requirements. This is not a permanent refusal of the applicant. When this process is complete, the applicant will be phoned by a member of the Consular section.
  • Refusal: If the consular officer refuses your visa, he or she will inform you of the decision, and provide a written explanation.  You are free to re-apply, but we only recommend applying again if something significant about your situation has changed.
  • Issuance:  If the consular officer determines that you are qualified for the visa, your visa will usually be available for pick-up on the next regularly-scheduled business day:  Monday through Thursday from 15:00 to 16:00 at the public information window, or Fridays from 10:00 to 11:00 inside the consular waiting room. Applicants must plan their travel schedules accordingly.  We recommend that you do not finalize any travel arrangements until you have your passport with the visa in your hands since processing or printing problems that occur after your interview may cause a delay in issuance. Applicants may designate someone to pick up their passport if they do not wish to return themselves. Please remember, if someone other than the applicant returns to pick up the passport, they must present the claim ticket in order to receive the passport.


  • The validity of the visa is NOT the amount of time you may remain in the United States. The time allowed in the U.S. will be determined by immigration officials upon presentation of your visa at the port of entry.
  • The visa validity refers to the date you must enter the U.S., not the date you must exit.
  • During its validity period, the U.S. visa remains usable even if the passport in which it is contained expires.  To use the U.S. visa, applicants must simply travel with both the expired passport (containing the valid visa) and the new passport.
  • Holders of Multiple Entries U.S. visas may enter the U.S. as many times as they like during the validity of the visa.  Those with Single Entry visas may only enter once.
  • Applicants with passports issued by Madagascar must be sure to have at least six months of validity on their passports on their date of entry into United States.

There is no minimum waiting period between a refusal and a subsequent application, nor is there a maximum number of applications allowed. However, a consular officer may not issue a visa unless the applicant can demonstrate evidence of a significant change in circumstances that would allow the refusal to be overcome.