Vacant Position: Truck Driver/Laborer

The U.S. Mission in Antananarivo is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Truck Driver/Laborer within the Warehouse Section, General Services Office.

 OPEN TO:                 All Interested Applicants / All Sources
POSITION:                Truck Driver/Laborer; FSN-04
OPENING DATE:    December 17, 2020
CLOSING DATE:     January 06, 2021
WORK HOURS:       Full time, 40 hours per week


Under the supervision of the Supply Supervisor, the incumbent acts as a truck driver for the Warehouse for any authorized trip. In addition, s/he assists the Warehouse crew in moving items when needed, s/he drives the warehouse truck and other assigned United States Government vehicles. S/he is also responsible for the security of the vehicle, the passengers, the supplies, the furniture, the appliances and/or equipment in the vehicle while driving.

Completion of Primary/Elementary School.

Two (2) years of experience as truck driver is required.

Level II (Limited) Reading/Speaking/Writing English is required (this will be tested).
Level II (Limited) Reading/Speaking/Writing French is required.
Level II (Limited) Reading/Speaking/Writing Malagasy is required.

 If you would like to view the complete job announcement and would like to apply, please visit the following Seeker Site:

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 For tutorials on how to apply, please visit the following video:

 ALL applicants MUST apply online through the Seeker Site (paper application is no longer accepted).
For further information, please contact the Human Resources Office:  Telephone: 261 20 23 480 00 extension 2332.