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USAID’s SHOPS Plus Project Closes
September 17, 2021

USAID’s SHOPS Plus Project Closes with Track Record of Improving Private Healthcare in Madagascar

Today, the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Health Office Director, Sophia Brewer, and a Representative from the Ministry of Public Health officially closed out a collaborative project focused on improving access to quality healthcare services, primarily through private-sector engagement.  The project, Sustaining Health Outcomes through the Private Sector otherwise known as SHOPS Plus, has been implemented by ABT Associates since 2015.

On behalf of the American people, USAID has funded SHOPS Plus with more than $10 million over six years.  During this time, the project established public-private partnerships, reduced financial barriers by improving private providers’ access to health financing, and enhanced healthcare services by creating and deploying sustainable healthcare and health management training.

Major Achievements of SHOPS Plus:

  • 3,090 private clinics integrated into the national health system through collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health’s Department of Studies, Planning and Information System.
  • 1,623 healthcare providers from more than 900 private clinics trained, improving the quality of healthcare and services in partnership with the Institute of Training and Management Technology. Training covered maternal and child health; malaria; family planning; water, sanitation, and hygiene; COVID-19; and financial management and reporting.
  • 463 loans in the amount of $2.9 million provided to strengthen private clinics’ technical capacity in partnership with “Accès Banque” and “Baobab Banque.”
  • Federation of “MIARA-MIAHY” health mutuals established and significantly contributed to health policy, particularly through contributions to the 2020-2024 Health Sector Development Plan and implementation of the Universal Health Coverage strategy.
  • 300 “model” private clinics formally created across the 13 regions, expanding services and providing continuous quality healthcare.
  • 13 local organizations and the Medical College of Antananarivo set up for ongoing training through 33 trainers to ensure the sustainability of SHOPS Plus-developed courses.
  • Government’s health commodity distribution and logistics system strengthened by identifying public-private partnership opportunities.

This partnership is an excellent example of how the United States and Madagascar are working together like “mpirahalahy mianala” to improve health outcomes through the delivery of family planning and reproductive health, maternal and child health, and malaria treatment that is accessible to all at any time.

The U.S. government is the largest single-country donor to Madagascar’s health sector, providing $74.5 million in 2020 alone to fund USAID’s health projects.  These projects reduce Madagascar’s maternal and child mortality, provide access to potable water and sanitation, protect communities from malaria, improve access to family planning, ensure a reliable supply chain of vital health care supplies and medication, and reinforce the national community health policy.