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U.S. Government Supports Madagascar’s Efforts to Promote a Secure, Stable, and Safe Environment
October 28, 2022

ANTANANARIVO – A professional military is a key ingredient for strengthening democracy, stability, security, and safety.  The U.S. Embassy, U.S.-based non-profit Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA), Malagasy Ministry of Defense, and representatives from the

President’s Office met for a two-day Consultation Workshop in Antananarivo October 26-27.  Participants focused on support for the Malagasy government’s efforts to   professionalize security forces, mitigate civilian harm, and promote military justice.  This initiative was supported by the Security Force Professionalization program on human rights and the protection of civilians.

U.S. Embassy and IDA subject matter experts, together with the Malagasy government, explored key concepts and practices to prevent civilian harm, including critical thinking, problem identification, and problem-solving strategies to create and sustain a secure, stable, and safe environment for civilians in Madagascar.

The United States stands side by side with Madagascar like mpirahalahy mianala.  This consultation workshop is a part of the U.S. government’s broader commitment to Madagascar’s national security and good governance.