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Update about Air France flight
April 2, 2020

This message updates the previous message with additional information.

The U.S. Mission to Madagascar has confirmed potential availability of seats on an Air France flight Saturday April 4 leaving Antananarivo at 7 PM local time and arriving Paris CDG at 5:10 AM local time. The ticket cost is 2,796,600 Ariary (approximately USD 755) for a one-way ticket. Check-in time at Antananarivo Airport would start at 2 PM and finish at 5:30 PM.

Passengers would be required to have an onward flight from Paris.  Passengers would also be required to pay Air France. At this time we do not know the cost of the flight.  This flight is not operated by the United States Government.  Seat availability is not guaranteed and will be determined by Air France.

Please note, no matter how long the layover passengers would not be permitted to leave the Paris airport between flights.  The time and number of available seats, if any, is still to be determined.

Additionally, Tsaradia may be running some flights from other cities in Madagascar for the purpose of joining this flight.  Passengers on these flights may be subject to COVID testing by the Government of Madagascar and may be required to remain at the Ivato airport between flights. None of these flights is guaranteed to run or to have available seats. All flights would be on Saturday, April 4.  The flight from Nosy Be would depart at 11 AM and estimated cost is 1,480,000 AR (approximately USD 400). The flight from Tamatav would depart at 11 AM and estimated cost is 562,000 AR (approximately USD 152).  The flight from Diego would depart at 11 AM and is estimated to cost 1,458,459 AR (approximately USD 395).  The flight from Ile Ste Marie would depart at 10 AM and is estimated to cost 640,000 AR (approximately USD 175). The flight from Tulear would depart at 4 PM and is estimated to cost 1,530,000 (approximately USD 415).  To inquire about the possibility of these flights please contact Tsaradia Air.  Passengers would pay Tsaradia Air.  There is no guarantee these flights will run or that there will be seats available. These flights are not being operated by the U.S. Government.

We will continue monitoring local developments closely and will share additional information as it becomes available.  We are experiencing a high volume of inquiries and will respond via email to those who have enrolled in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) or have otherwise provided contact information as we have additional information.

If you are interested in this flight please send the following information ASAP, preferably this evening,  to ANTANACS@state.gov .  Contacting us does not guarantee a seat as Air France will determine final availability of seats and who will receive a seat.

Full Name:
Telephone No:
Email Address:
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Any special medical concern that would make you a priority for the flight:

For FAQs about evacuation please go to this link.

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