Summary of President Rajoelina’s Address to the Nation
April 5, 2020

  • So far, there are 72 positive cases: 32 women, and 40 men.  51 are imported cases, 21 are contact cases.  4 of the contact cases are in Fianarantsoa, 2 in Lalangina, 12 in Antananarivo and 3 in Toamasina.
  • Currently, 3 regions are impacted by this pandemic.  Matsiatra, Ambonym Analamanga, and Atsinanana.
  • The State of Health Emergency will be extended by 15 days.
  • For all of Madagascar:
    • Schools, churches, and all public spaces (bars, restaurants, shops, karaokes, etc.) will remain  closed until April 19.
    • No public gatherings of more than 50 people are allowed. (Family gatherings, etc.).
    • Strict curfew remains in place from 8p.m. – 5a.m.
    • Stay-at-home measures continue.
  • For those stuck in Antananarivo, or in other regions, travel back to respective hometowns will be made available.  From April 7 through April 9, from 5am to 11am, people can go to transport hubs and take buses back home.  However, strict health measures will be observed:
    • Face masks must be worn, there must be hand-washing stations available, vehicles and terminals must be totally disinfected, hand sanitizers must be available in all vehicles.
  • Domestic flights will be operational from April 7 – 9, between Antananarivo and regions where there are no contact cases (Mahajanga, Tolagnaro, Toliara, Nosy Be, Antsiranana).  All passengers must be tested with the TDR kits before flying.
  • For Antananarivo, Toamasina, and Fianarantsoa (cities with more than 5 confirmed COVID-19 cases):
    • Regarding transport: no taxi brousses will be allowed (except the ones mentioned previously), only vehicles transporting goods may circulate between those regions, no taxis, no other public transportation (taxibes).
    • Everyone must wear face masks in public.
    • Anyone with symptoms must immediately contact the nearest health center for screening.
    • More hand washing stations will be placed around the cities.
    • Door-to-door testing will be conducted for  suspected cases.