Adoption in Madagascar

There is only one accredited adoption agency for U.S. citizens in Madagascar.

Only 2 children were adopted by U.S. citizen parents from Madagascar since 2011.  Madagascar is a signatory nation to the Hague Convention on Protection of Children.  The U.S. embassy maintains a list of lawyers familiar with U.S. and Malagasy adoption law.  The Embassy highly recommends use of a lawyer due to the complexity and specificity of laws from country to country and within U.S. adoption and immigration systems.

The central authority for adoption in Madagascar is:

ANDRIAMAMPIANINA Rahelimalala Faranirina
Coordonnateur de l’Autorité Centrale de l’Adoption Malagasy

Porte 402 – Immeuble Ministère de la Population, de la Protection Sociale et de la Promotion de la Femme
2, Rue RAZANAKOMBANA Ambohijatovo
Tel : +261 33 14 842 26
mail :