U.S Chargé D’Affaires Stuart Wilson Paid a Courtesy Call on Acting President Rivo Rakotovao

“I congratulated the President for respecting the constitution. We are actually of the same mindset. We agreed that we need to follow the constitution; and in this regard, we’re both pleased with the process so far,” said U.S. Chargé d’Affaires Stuart Wilson during his courtesy call on Acting President Rivo Rakotovao on Monday, October 29.

Asked by journalists about the ongoing request from a group of candidates to reopen the electoral roll, he noted “we respect the right of this organization to bring to the attention of the President any issues they might have with the electoral process. I did talk to the President about this and he is certainly happy to hear this complaint or any suggestions. Indeed this is his responsibility as President. We do feel that we are happy with the electoral list as it exists and vetted by the Francophonie and we need to stick to the election date which has been established. To reopen it and delay would go outside the constitution, we feel.”