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Alumni Meet: Two-day Conference to Foster Alumni Collaboration and Cooperation
September 8, 2023

Ambassador Pierangelo with the outgoing MUSEA board members.

On September 8, U.S. Government exchange program alumni officially launched the Alumni Meet event in Antananarivo.

Alumni Meet brings together U.S. Government exchange program alumni from Madagascar and Comoros for a two-day conference to evaluate alumni collaboration efforts, engage in teambuilding, and develop an action plan that strengthens cooperation and aligns alumni-led activities with U.S. Embassy priorities.
During the opening ceremony, U.S. Ambassador Claire Pierangelo reaffirmed the U.S. Government’s continued support for alumni development. “We are proud of your work promoting entrepreneurship, youth development, empowerment of women and girls, and good governance,” she said. “The United States stands with you in pursuing these worthy causes because we believe in you.”
Alumni Meet is organized by the Madagascar U.S. Exchange Alumni (MUSEA), a U.S. Government program alumni group based in Madagascar, as part of a $30,760 grant from the U.S. Embassy to increase and support alumni collaboration and capacity building.