New Peace Corps Volunteers to Teach English Language in Madagascar

ANTANANARIVO – 29 new Peace Corps Volunteers were sworn in by the United States Ambassador on September 8, 2017, in a ceremony that included the Ministry of the National Education. The new Volunteers will be teaching English as a Foreign Language in middle and high schools across Madagascar. They completed a thirteen-week intensive pre-service training which consisted of extensive language and cross-cultural modules, technical skills development, and personal security and well-being preparation.

Education Volunteers are posted in middle-size towns, preferably with more rural communities, and work with students as well as teachers to raise the standard of English teaching. They provide peer support to host-country English teachers and develop teaching resources using inexpensive locally available materials.  Education Volunteers teach model English classes both at the CEG (middle school) and lycée (high school) levels using a participatory approach called Community Content Based Instruction (CCBI), in addition to raising community awareness through English classes on subjects such as girls’ education and empowerment, gender equality, and environmental education.  The Ministry of Education is the main host government partner for the Peace Corps Education program.

Madagascar has hosted 312 Education Volunteers (not including this group) since the program inception in 1993.

Facts on Peace Madagascar and Peace Corps in general

159 Volunteers are currently serving in Madagascar. They work in three sectors: English Teaching, Agriculture and Public Health.

Peace Corps was created by President John F. Kennedy in 1961. Peace Corps has been promoting since world peace and friendship. 7,200 Volunteers are currently serving in 65 countries around the world.