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Statement of Chargé d’Affaires Tobias Glucksman
To increase Covid-19 vaccination in Madagascar
June 13, 2022

“Get vaccinated for yourself, for the health of yourself, for your family members and for your community. Please get vaccinated”, urged Chargé d’Affaires a.i. Tobias H. Glucksman, during a visit to a Vaccinodrome in Antananarivo.

Ambohimanarina, Antananarivo
June 11, 2022

After one year of vaccination, they have shown the world that they can be safe and effective in stopping the coronavirus, stopping people from getting the coronavirus. But also if they do get the coronavirus, it means that their illnesses will be much less sever; So it is a very important thing to get vaccinated.

We want more people here in Madagascar to feel safe and free from the danger of the coronavirus. Right now, 4% of the population is vaccinated. We need that number get much higher, closer to what we have seen elsewhere in the region where over countries have as many as 60% of the population vaccinated.

We actually have a lot of free vaccine to give out right now in Madagascar so we are working as quickly as we can through program like this to get people vaccinated quickly.

It takes a real community effort to do this. We need the community leaders, we need the leaders of the country and we need the international community to all play a part and to making all of this happen.

One important step that we can take right now, or I should say that the Madagascar’s government can take now that will really helps move things along is to agree to the recommendation of its national academy of health [ANAMEM] to allow Madagascar people from the ages of 12 to 18 to take the Pfizer vaccine. That is a very large portion of the population between those ages and if we can get vaccines into them, they can go to school, they can go out with their friends, they can live safe lives, they don’t have to live in fear anymore of the virus.

The United States is a strong support of your health sector. We are the largest donor in that sector and we provide of course assistance with the Covid vaccine and prevention against Covid and also treatment. But also so much more when it comes to combatting infectious diseases, supporting the health units throughout the country, and helping people in general to live healthy lives.

We are your partner in this great effort to make everyone healthy here, live better lives, and certainly we will continue to be your partner as we are trying to get everyone vaccinated, trying to get the economy started again, and have a more prosperous and healthy Madagascar.

So, thank you and please go get vaccinated for yourself, for the health of yourself, for your family members and for your community. Please get vaccinated.