Ambassador Yamate – Launch of CARE/CUA IARIVO Project

Honorable Executive Secretary for the BNGRC
Honorable Chef de District
Honorable Mayor
Representatives from the Urban Commune of Antananarivo
Representatives from the Private Sector Platform
Dear partners,
Distinguished guests,
Ladies and gentlemen

It is my honor to be here at the Antananarivo Town Hall with with all of you to congratulate you on a successful launch for the IARIVO project.

It is an important day as we are applauding the cooperation to strengthening community resilience to natural disasters.

We are proud to support this project implemented by CARE and CUA with over $835,000 in financial assistance through USAID.

This project was launched in response to the disastrous flooding that struck the city and affected tens of thousands of people earlier this year.  The United States knew it needed to act quickly and is grateful for its partnership with CARE International, who has an excellent record of preparing vulnerable communities in more remote areas of Madagascar.

Now, with the additional leadership of the Urban Commune, the University of Antananarivo and the Private Sector Platform, we aim to replicate CARE’s success elsewhere.

Already your achievements to date are impressive, with the creation of rescue committees in 75 fokontany, the launch of a vulnerability assessment, and the establishment of a mobile phone based tool to trigger life-saving alerts.  Your combined efforts will go to protecting 91,000 people in the most vulnerable areas of the city.  And lessons from this project will be shared with the honorable Chef de District and leaders from neighboring communes as well.

Natural disasters this year have made us all aware of the negative effects that climate change has on Madagascar, with the extremes of flooding in the Haut Plateau and drought in the South.  The project we applaud today has been followed by three other disaster preparedness projects to support relief and recovery for victims of the drought in Anosy, Androy and Atsimo Andrefana regions.

The United States will continue to stand by the side of Madagascar in partnership, as it has for over 40 years, as this nation strives to develop and be resilient in the face of challenges.

I look forward to hearing about the positive impacts of this project and to continuing the close working relationship with the urban commune and the government of Madagascar.

Thank you.