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Request for Expression of Interest
Seeking to Rent a Residential Property in or near Ivandry
April 5, 2022

Peace Corps Madagascar is soliciting rental price quotations for a residence (house or villa) located in, or very close to, Ivandry Antananarivo. The lease period will be for a minimum of one year starting in September 2022, with the possibility of four additional option years. The residential property will need to meet the following minimum requirements:

    • 1 living room
    • 1 dining room
    • 1 kitchen
    • 3 to 4 bedrooms
    • 2 full bathrooms (2.5 or 3 bathrooms desired)
    • Minimum of 130 square meters of indoors living space
    • Garage or carport; sufficient parking for at least one vehicle (two preferred)
    • Guard house on property
    • Garden and/or terrace/balcony
    • Electrical installations must be able to handle large electrical appliances (washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, etc.) or be upgraded at the Landlord’s expense prior to start of lease
    • Property needs to be in sanitary, clean, and in good and usable condition or be upgraded prior to start of the lease (no evidence of mold or leaking roof/ceiling or pipes; interior walls/floors in good condition)

Additional requirements:

    • The property must be able to be upgraded to meet Embassy security requirements and must be in locations acceptable the Embassy Regional Security Officer.
    • The landlord must be willing to sign Peace Corps’ lease template.
    • The Landlord must accept payment by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).
    • The property must be fully ready to be occupied by September 2022.

Peace Corps invites property owners with properties meeting the minimum and additional requirements to send an expression of interest, including a description of the available property, location, and proposed monthly rental rate, to Mamy Randrianatoandro by email at MRandrianatoandro@PeaceCorps.gov . Alternatively, expressions of interest may be deposited at the Peace Corps Office in Ivandry (see address below). Any questions on this Request should be submitted in the same way.

Expressions of interest will be accepted and reviewed as they are received through June 30, 2022. Properties meeting the minimum requirements will be visited as they are found. Property owners are encouraged to respond as soon as possible. Peace Corps will discontinue reviewing expressions of interest and properties once a suitable property is found.

Lot II K 76 Lotissement Bonnet, Villa Les Lierres, Ivandry
P.O. Box: 12091 – 101 Antananarivo
Phone: (261) 20-22-439-10
Fax: (261) 20-22-438-23