U.S. Ambassador Officially Launches Maternal and Child Survival Program in Atsinanana Region

US Ambassador Officially Launches Maternal and Child Survival Program in Atsinanana Region; Donates Basic Equipment to local University Hospital and Midwifery School

The United States Government through the U.S. Agency for International Development and their partner, Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP) donated basic essential equipment to the University hospital and midwifery school in Toamasina to improve maternal and child health.

Totaling 43.5 million Ariary, this equipment consists of basic essential equipment for the delivery room: newborn resuscitation kit, vacuum extractor to assist delivery, obstetrical stethoscope, blood pressure apparatus, and postpartum family planning kits; basic equipment and anatomic models to equip the skills laboratory for midwifery school that will allow midwifery students to practice skills and do simulation exercises. Some consumables are also included, and MCSP has supported minor renovations in the delivery room and the skills lab room.

In Madagascar, 10 women per day die of pregnancy and childbirth complications, and one in two children under 5 is at risk of dying before the age of one month.

The United States government supports the Ministry of Health of the Government of Madagascar in implementing a roadmap to accelerate the reduction of maternal and neonatal mortality rates in the country. USAID’s support through MCSP includes in-service training for providers in the Atsinanana region to give them the current knowledge and skills to care for mothers and newborn; midwifery pre-service education in the six medical faculties to ensure that graduates’ skills and competencies meet international standards; strengthening of two clinical training sites per region to train providers and midwifery students; and provision of basic equipment to health facilities to enable trained providers to practice their new acquired competencies and skills.

“I am very happy to hand over this equipment to the University hospital and the midwifery school,” said US Ambassador Robert Yamate. “They are basic equipment to ensure that mothers and newborns received adequate care during the critical period following childbirth.”

The U.S. Government will continue supporting the Government of Madagascar and Ministry of Health to improve the health of mothers and children of Madagascar. The donated equipment is expected to contribute to increase the provision of standard and quality healthcare, and significantly enhance Government of Madagascar’s efforts to address maternal and child survival issues in the country.