U.S. Ambassador Robert Yamate Presents the 2015 Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) Washington Fellows from Madagascar and Comoros

On May 12, U.S. Ambassador Robert T. Yamate along with USAID Director Susan Riley announced the nine young people from Madagascar and Comoros who have been invited to participate in the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) Washington Fellowship this year.  These YALI Fellows – six from Madagascar and three from Comoros – along with 500 other young Africa leaders will arrive at their U.S. host Universities on Friday, June 19 and will complete a six-week academic training at several prestigious U.S. universities until August 1.  They will attend a Presidential Summit hosted by President Barack Obama in Washington, D.C. from August 2-5.  Fellows return home on August 6 while three of the nine Malagasy and Comorian fellows proceed to professional development experience until they complete their internship and return home on September 19.

This year’s YALI Washington Fellows from Madagascar and Comoros were selected from a competitive pool of 400 Malagasy and 30 Comorian applicants.  They are a dynamic and diverse group of young leaders who are already making significant contributions to Madagascar and Comoros in areas of civic leadership, public management and business and entrepreneurship, which are also the designated tracks of the Fellowship. Upon their return to their home countries, the YALI Washington Fellows will have access to professional development based in Africa, networking, continued mentorship and training.

List of name and track of the nine Fellows from Madagascar and Comoros for this year:

  • RABARINIRINARISON Rindra Hasimbelo, Public Management
  • ANDRIANTSIALONINA Adrienne, Business and Entrepreneurship
  • TOMARIELSON Christian Espérant , Civic Leadership + internship
  • RATOVONASY Michel Sabir Michael, Public Management
  • SOARIZIKY Hasna Abdou , Civic Leadership + internship
  • RAKOTOMALALA Olivia , Public Management
  • AMELDINE Dachiroudine, Civic Leadership
  • Mone Ahmed JEAN, Public Management + internship
  • Ismael SALIM, Civic Leadership

President Barack Obama announced the creation of the YALI Network in June 2014.  This will serve as a virtual community that connects young African leaders with resources from the U.S. government and to one another.  Young people who had sent out their application to 2014 and 2015 Fellowship are automatically included in the network. Anyone can sign up to receive updates and other opportunities available for young African leaders from the U.S. government by going to this address: https://youngafricanleaders.state.gov/yali-network/

For more information on YALI, go to: http://youngafricanleaders.state.gov/yali/