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Supplies/Services/Equipment – Internet Connection – Antananarivo
December 14, 2023


Overseas Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Supplies/Services/Equipment

RFQ Number: FY24-684-001

Date:  12 December 2023

Peace Corps/MADAGASCAR has a need for an Internet connection at the PC main office and the Health Unit all in Ivandry, Antananarivo.  Peace Corps is soliciting fixed-price and all taxes included in quotations from you and several of your competitors for the supplies and/or services detailed below.

If you are interested in submitting a quotation, please do so by sending your completed and signed Attachment 1—Vendor Quotation Form by e-mail to:

Name: Leondaris Georges

Address: IIK76 Lotissement Bonnet Ivandry

E-mail: gleondaris@peacecorps.gov

Quotations are due no later than 4:00 p.m. on 30 of December 2023.  Late quotations will not be accepted.

Written questions about this Request for Quotation (RFQ) may be sent in the same fashion to the individual noted above in advance of the RFQ due date.  No phone calls please.

Peace Corps will evaluate all quotations received by the deadline based on the minimum requirements and/or evaluation factor(s) shown below.  Contingent on the availability of funds and continued need for the supplies and/or services, at the end of the evaluation process, Peace Corps intends to award a firm-fixed-price contract for the purchase of the required supplies and/or services to the selected vendor.

A – Statement of Work/Description of Requirements

The start date of the contract will be March 1, 2024. The contract period will run for a minimum of 12 months (March 1, 2024 – February 28, 2025) and, as determined by the Contracting officer, for an additional 12 months (see note below).

(NOTE: Please show costs for 24 months.)

Item Number

Services Required

Cost per Month: 3Mbps

001Internet connection for one year (24/7-365 days) for the main Peace Corps Office in Lotissement Bonnet, Ivandry. This is for connecting the server and workstations at the Peace Corps Office to the Internet and to Peace Corps Headquarters in Washington, DC through VPN.
Requirement: internet connection with Fiber Optic
Desired minimum flow rate: minimum international bandwidth 10Mbps (up and down), FUP unlimited. With Public IP/30.
Provide all needed materials and installation cost.
002Leased line (24/7-365 days) between the Peace Corps Health Unit and main Peace Corps Office. The Health Unit, at Lot II K 61 C Mahatony Antananarivo 101, is located about 1 kilometer away from the main Peace Corps Office. This line will allow users at the Health Unit to access the main Peace Corps Office server and Internet service.
Requirement: internet connection with Fiber Optic Peer-To-Peer guarantee of 1Mbps.
Provide all needed materials and installation cost.
003Internet connection (24/7-365 days) for the main Peace Corps Office in Lotissement Bonnet, Ivandry.
Type of connection Fiber Optic FUP 900Gb Minimum.
Provide all needed materials and installation cost.

This contract may be extended, at the unilateral option of Peace Corps/Madagascar Contracting Officer, upon its expiration (the base contract) for one (1) further one-year option period, with period of performance dates from March 1, 2025 through February 28, 2026, provided notice be given in writing to the Contractor at least one month (30 days) before the base contract would expire.

B – Place of Performance

All services and/or supplies will be provided at the Peace Corps main office and at the Peace Corps health unit.  These two locations are in Ivandry, Antananarivo.

C – Contract Terms and Conditions

As an Agency of the United States Government, Peace Corps has an approved contract template that it intends to use for the award.  Peace Corps reserves the right to deny making a contract award to a vendor should they refuse to sign the Peace Corps approved contract template.

D – Minimum Criteria:

A quotation will not be considered further if it does not meet the following minimum criteria:

    • Addresses all internet services needed as defined in Statement of Work,
    • Confirms provision of reliable Internet connection with minimal interruption,
    • Assures excellent technical support 24/7 – 365 days,
    • Includes pricing for 24 month period (base contract + one option period),
    • Confirms provision of minimum bandwidth as indicated above in the Statement of Work.

E – Evaluation Factors:

Quotations that meet the minimum criteria listed above may be further evaluated based on the following factors:

    • Price
    • Minimum International Bandwidth
    • Payment Terms – acceptance of EFT required
    • Warranties and technical support
    • Past Performance/Reference Checks (Client listing)

Award may be made with or without negotiations between the Peace Corps and the selected vendor.  Award may be made to a vendor that provided the lowest priced technically acceptable quotation, or to a vendor other than the one that provided the lowest priced quotation, should that vendor be determined to have provided the best value quotation to the Peace Corps taking technical and cost factors into account.

All vendors that submit quotations in response to this RFQ will be notified of the results.

Download here the full version of the RFQ and the Attachment 1—Vendor Quotation Form.