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Online Auction
February 13 – 15, 2023
January 26, 2023

Please read the Malagasy version here.


The U.S. Embassy in Antananarivo is selling surplus property including vehicles via a web-based electronic auction which will be activated from Sunday, February 12 (08:00 AM) through Wednesday, February 15 (08:00 AM).  You are encouraged to carefully read all details prior to participating in this auction. You can actively take part and submit your bid beginning on Monday, February 13 from 08:00 AM to Wednesday, February 15 at 08:00 AM.


When completing registration, you must include your full name as it appears on your identity card.  The maximum bid amount for each item is clearly stated and the currency is Ariary.  Successful bidders will be contacted by phone, followed by an e-mail containing an auction bill with the total amount to be paid in local currency.  If winning bidders change their mind after agreeing to purchase items, they must send an email to AntanUSEmbAuction@state.gov by the deadline noted in the email. If the winning bidder is unresponsive by the deadline, the second-place runner-up will be contacted.

Items for auction will be sold “as is” and cannot be returned under any circumstances.


 For vehicles:

 Winning bidders must make payment in Ariary with the total amount of the bid via a “bank check” to the US Disbursing Officer Symbol 8769 after receiving a phone call and e-mail from the Embassy Auction Team.

For other items:

 Winning bidders will pay the total amount of the bid(s) with the 44% tax (total amount shown on the bill of sale) in cash to the Embassy bank account: ‘US EMBASSY MGA SWEEP’: 00008 02014 05004010668 66. 

Due to the unavailability of coins, you must round up the total amount to be paid to the nearest decimal.  For example, if the total amount is 9.49, you would round up to 10.00.


For vehicles:

The winning bidder should proceed with a bank check, hard copy of the auction bill, and present their identity card to the cashier by the deadline.  The ID card must match the person who registered and bid on the vehicle.  Embassy staff will assist in the preparation of the sale paperwork for the vehicle.

For other items:

Winning bidders should proceed to the Embassy on the scheduled pick-up date with a copy of the deposit slip from the bank, the hard copy of the auction bill, and their identity cards.  Successful bidders are responsible for the loading of any items purchased into their vehicles.

Items can be retrieved only when successful payment has been received by the Embassy. Receipt of payment is considered complete when the money reaches the U.S. Embassy account.