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Health Alert
Mobile Outreach for COVID-19 Vaccines
June 1, 2021

As a follow-up to Sunday’s email informing citizens that the Government of Madagascar has opened up its vaccination program to all individuals over the age of 18, the Embassy would like to make you aware that organizations or groups of individuals can request to host a mobile vaccination unit.  Please see the details below provided by the Government of Madagascar:

The mobile vaccination strategy is open to any organization or entity who has a group of at least 20 individuals who are over the age of 18  and would like to receive the Covishield/AstraZeneca vaccine. This option is available through June 18, 2021, the end date of the first phase of the campaign for COVID-19 Vaccination in Madagascar.

To organize a mobile outreach vaccination session, organizations/groups should do the following:

    1. Submit a request with the estimated number of people to be vaccinated to the health district team at least three working days before the proposed date for vaccination. It is recommended that you call the Medecin Inspecteur and follow up by email for all planning details. The contact information of the Antananarivo Health District Team is:
    1. Provide a space and complete necessary set up in advance of the vaccination session that includes four different stations:
      1. A waiting station with enough chairs and space to respect social distancing norms
      2. A space for registration
      3. A space for vaccination
      4. An observation area

The number of chairs and tables needed in each of these stations will depend on the number of individuals to be vaccinated and will be determined in coordination with the district teams.

Infection Prevention Control :
Groups must ensure the space has the following:

      • Disinfectant gel
      • Garbage can
      • A handwashing station that is easily accessible for recipients
      • Toilet for recipients

Transportation :
The organizer must provide transportation for health providers to and from the site, including transportation of vaccines and all management tools needed for the session.

Perdiem :
The organizer will provide per diem of Ar 36,000 per person per day for the vaccination team members. The number of individuals in the vaccination team will depend on the number of recipients and will be defined in collaboration with the health district team. Water or any other refreshment can be provided but not required.

 Appointments :
The organizer is responsible for organization of appointments on the day of the vaccination to avoid long waiting time and crowds.

Other information :

      • The COVID-19 vaccine is free of charge.
      • IDs to verify the age of the recipient is required.
      • No pre-registration is required. The recipient will be registered at the vaccination site.
      • Compliance with social distancing measures against Covid-19 must be enforced at all sites.

Other ways to get vaccinated from 9 am to 4 pm 6 days a week until June 18th:

      • Vaccinodrome in HJRA
      • UN Clinic Andraharo
      • CSS Tsaralalana

Contact Information:
Embassy Antananarivo, Madagascar
(+261) 20 23 480 00
(+261) 20 23 480 00 (after hours)
Lot 207 A – Andranoro – Antehiroka
105 Antananarivo – Madagascar