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Global Entrepreneurship Week Will Promote Entrepreneurship Nationwide
U.S. Embassy, NextA, and MUSEA partner for free entrepreneurship trainings November 14-20.
November 16, 2022

ANTANANARIVO – In a country where 60 percent of the population is under the age of 35, youth-led entrepreneurship is a key element of the nation’s economic development.  And that is what the U.S. Embassy and its partners NextA and the Madagascar U.S. Exchange Alumni (MUSEA) association plan to encourage through a wide range of in-person and online trainings, webinars, and exhibitions as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2022, November 14-20.

Through a $10,000 grant, the U.S. Embassy in Madagascar and Comoros is supporting MUSEA and NextA to organize seven days of free trainings, webinars, exhibitions, and networking opportunities on entrepreneurship.  Programs will be held live in both Fianarantsoa and Antananarivo.  A free shuttle will run from four locations in Antananarivo for those attending the programs at NextA in Andranomena.  Trainings will be also broadcast live on https://www.facebook.com/nextA.mg.  Check the American Corner Mahajanga and American Corner Fort Dauphin Facebook pages for schedules of watch parties you can join at the American Corners.

The U.S. Embassy is proud to partner with NextA, given its expertise and long track record of promoting entrepreneurship in Madagascar.  NextA’s mission is to develop a supportive and collaborative entrepreneurial ecosystem that encourages young Malagasy companies to thrive.  The GEW program will feature expert speakers and successful entrepreneurs from among MUSEA’s members, all of whom are alumni of U.S. government exchange programs in entrepreneurship and business development.  The MUSEA association was created in 2015 to organize Malagasy leaders who have benefited from U.S. government-funded exchange programs like the Young African Leaders Initiative fellowships and Fulbright scholarships.