Forty-two New Peace Corps Volunteers Will Work in the Fields of Health and Agriculture

ANTANANARIVO–On June 6, 2019, forty-two new Peace Corps Volunteers were sworn-in to service by the American Ambassador Michael Pelletier in a ceremony at the Ambassador’s Residence in Antananarivo. The new Volunteers will work in the fields of health and agriculture. Volunteers recently finished ten weeks of intensive cultural, language, and technical training and have now been assigned to local communities throughout Madagascar where they will live and work for the next two years.

Agriculture Extension Agents will work with local farmers, different farmers’ groups and associations, organizations working on rural development, schools, and community members to improve agriculture practices and nutrition of the Malagasy people they serve. Specifically, they will work with rural farming communities to: apply new and improved crop production and soil conservation practices (including tree planting); increase availability and access to more diverse and nutritious foods.

Community Health Advisors will support global and national efforts to ensure that all Malagasy have longer and healthier lives. They will work in collaboration with “Centres de Santé de Base” (CSBs) and “Health Committees” (COSAN) to promote household health through management of Care Groups, trainings, workshops, and mentoring for caregivers. Importantly, they work hand-in-hand with partners to carry out community-based health promotion activities throughout communes. They target maternal health, the prevention of childhood illnesses, malnutrition and stunting, malaria, and waterborne illnesses.

Vanessa Dickey, Peace Corps Country Director, notes the role of all Peace Corps Volunteers to mobilize communities for local impact. “Volunteers work directly with communities, farmers, mothers, children and the health system and thus understand the needs and aspirations of people with whom they live and work. This daily collaboration enables volunteers and communities to make positive change in the most direct and relevant way possible while also engaging in cultural exchange to promote world peace and friendship”, she says.

This impact is currently the mission of 152 Volunteers in Madagascar working in the areas of education, agriculture and health. More than 1, 400 Peace Corps Volunteers have served in Madagascar since the program was established in 1993.

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About the Peace Corps: 

President John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps on March 1, 1961, by executive order. For over 58 years Peace Corps has been promoting peace and friendship around the world. Historically, more than 220,000 Americans have served with the Peace Corps to promote a better understanding between Americans and the people of 139 host countries. Today, more than 7,000 volunteers are working with local communities in over 60 host countries