The U.S. Embassy announces Cybersecurity: Public Awareness Week

To enhance public awareness and to help create a culture of cybersecurity where we live and work, the U.S Embassy is conducting a social and traditional media campaign on cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is critical to global security.  All nations have a responsibility to protect their own networks and information infrastructure, to ensure that their networks and systems are secure, reliable, and resilient.

To achieve these goals, President Obama designated October as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.  This provides the U.S. Embassy  a chance to expand our engagement and to increase public awareness on this issue, critical to global and national security and individuals’ confidence and trust in online systems and services. Several regional organizations in the European Union, African Union and Organization of American States support and have adopted an Awareness day in October.

Themes for Cybersecurity Week

Monday, October 26: Introduction to Cybersecurity
Tuesday, October 27: Cybersecurity and Social Media
Wednesday, October 28: Cybersecurity and your Mobile Device
Thursday, October 28: Cybersecurity at Work
Friday, October 30: The Role of the Cybersecurity Professional

The Embassy will highlight these themes through messages on Facebook and Twitter, and in events at the Information Resource Center (IRC) at the American Embassy.  We will also host an Open Talk session with U.S. Embassy employees and how to protect your mobile device on October 28 at 12:30p.m. at RNM (5th floor), Anosy.

For more information on the events at the IRC, please contact  the following telephones numbers: 033 443 2586 ou 033 443 2223