Announcement of USAID Project to Counter Corruption and Wildlife Trafficking: Press Statement by Chargée d’Affaires Amy Hyatt

October 15, 2021

Wildlife trafficking is a serious crime that damages economic prosperity, the rule-of-law, good governance, conservation efforts, and human health.  Illegal wildlife trafficking is often enabled by corruption.

Today we are announcing that that the United States Government is investing in the fight to end corruption and wildlife trafficking here in Madagascar.

Through our United States Agency for International Development and on behalf of the American people, we are launching today a new three-year, $3.4 million project called Countering Corruption and Wildlife Trafficking.

This project seeks to improve governance and strengthen border controls and law enforcement capacity.  To achieve these goals, we must secure meaningful buy-in from all levels of government across multiple ministries.

These are complex problems, but we believe this new project will make a significant impact thanks to the alliance of dedicated partners we are bringing together, including the Government of Madagascar, independent anti-corruption agencies, conservationists, law enforcement agencies, and the international community.

This new project demonstrates our continued commitment to protecting Madagascar’s natural resources and empowering the Malagasy people to benefit from their own natural heritage.  Since 2013 The United States Government has invested $60 million in the fight against this kind of trafficking and strengthening natural resource governance.