40 New Peace Corps Volunteers Sworn-in

ANTANANARIVO – 40 new Peace Corps Volunteers were sworn-in to service by the American Ambassador, His Excellency Michael Pelletier, in a ceremony held at his residence in Ambaranjana today. These new Volunteers will work in the field of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). They recently finished eleven weeks of intensive cultural, language, and technical training and have now been assigned to local communities throughout Madagascar where they will live and work for the next two years.

TEFL Educators serve in small and mid-sized towns where students and teachers have little access to English centers and EFL (English as a Foreign Language) resources. They will work in local middle schools, high schools, and some Universities to build English literacy and comprehension skills and to promote interest in the English language among students. As TEFL Educators, they will also work with local English teachers to improve their English language skills, to share different teaching techniques, and to jointly develop new pedagogical materials for use in the classroom. In addition, they will help to build teachers’ capacity through communities of practice. They may also involve the broader school community in their work by organizing English classes for adults, broadcasting English shows on local radio stations, or creating extracurricular clubs for students. In addition, they get involved in their community to develop more hands-on activities like organizing field trips and teacher training, or secondary projects such as school gardening, malaria awareness campaigns, and/or gender-related activities such as leadership camps for girls.

The Ministry of Education actively supports the program, valuing English language education as a means to develop an international workforce in the areas of education, medicine, technology, and tourism.

The 40 new volunteers who were sworn-in to service on November 19, 2019 will join a team of volunteers already serving in the education, agriculture, and health sectors across Madagascar. They will serve the mission of peace and friendship by fostering mutual learning and cultural exchange while working alongside dedicated Malagasy counterparts to improve education, agriculture, and health.