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Peace Corps celebrates this year its 30th anniversary of its presence in Madagascar

December 19, 2023


Mariah Cissé – Peace Corps Madagascar Country Director

We are proud and honored to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Peace Corps Madagascar this year. In 1993, the first group of Education Volunteers arrived in Madagascar and almost 1,600 individuals have served here since, reaching all 23 regions of the countries.

Peace Corps Volunteers serve at the invitation of the Government of Madagascar and in response to the articulated needs of the country. We work alongside community members on locally-prioritized needs and in so doing, build relationships and promote knowledge exchange to make a lasting impact.

The Peace Corps’ approach is grounded in mutual respect and collaboration, and our unique approach to development is centered on person-to-person grassroots efforts at the community level. In this way, it is locally driven and more likely to be sustained.

Our story is one of friendship, collaboration, and resilience. Volunteers live and work in communities across Madagascar, learn the Malagasy language and participate in local culture and traditions. They work with farmers to explore climate resilient crops and to increase access to nutrient dense food; partner with community-based clinics to implement behavior change methodology that may lead to healthier children, youth, and mothers; and teach English at schools, working in partnership with teachers to incorporate inclusive classroom practices.

Like many others, Peace Corps was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and evacuated all Volunteers worldwide in 2020. PC Madagascar brought back our first cohort last year, and we currently have 54 Volunteers who work in three sectors across the country: Education, Agriculture and Health. We have dedicated local staff who provide training and support to Volunteers and ensure continued alignment with host country priorities. We appreciate and value our local partners and stakeholders who are essential to our work. We remain committed to our mission of world peace and friendship and look forward to continued partnership to address the needs of the country through grassroots development.

Ambassador Claire Pierangelo

This month we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the U.S. Peace Corps in Madagascar.  I am proud of the contributions of nearly 1,600 Peace Corps Volunteers who have served here over the past three decades. They continue to bridge understanding between the Malagasy and American people through action and unwavering commitment. Many of these remarkable Volunteers maintain enduring connections with the host families and organizations they served. Those experiences have propelled them into leadership roles in diplomacy, development, and civil society -even within this Embassy. The Peace Corps creates future leaders, and the lessons they learn carry them forward for a lifetime.

I appreciate the vital support and friendship provided to Peace Corps Madagascar by the Malagasy government, host organizations, and communities. Together, we have addressed numerous key development challenges. As we celebrate the first 30 years, we also celebrate a continued future of lasting relationships and impacts with the people of Madagascar.